I was recently invited to collaborate with Steve McKenzie’s Interiors for their vignette at the upcoming Thrift Studio at ADAC. Steve wanted to create layers of intrigue that would weave throughout the space to feature donated home decor items that will be available for auction to benefit Dwell with Dignity Atlanta.  Watercolor walls are a […]

Go With the Flow: Watercolor Walls

“Offering agile client services that develop creative legal solutions for our clients.” This is the branding message for the law firm of Lawrence & Bundy. Paying attention to valuable feature walls, they understood the importance of how the design of their offices could carry their message and influence the way their firm is experienced by […]

Branded Elements: Faux Finish Statement Walls for a Corporate Office

What could be more joyful than the anticipation of a new member of the family? All of that love and excitement is mirrored in the thoughtful planning of the baby’s nursery. These proud parents share an appreciation for the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The warmth and coziness of a nature inspired décor is […]

Little Boy Blue: Nursery Mural

Brick has become one of the most popular elements in design. Unlike generic drywall, brick is cherished because it offers a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm that adapts to any décor style. Reminiscent of previous remodeling of this home, the client chose to keep the brick that was once an exterior wall. […]

Yes You Can: Painted Faux Brick

Remodeling the 60,000 square foot TPC Sugarloaf clubhouse has been an ongoing project for interior designer Janie Hirsch. This majestic country club is designed in a classic Southern architectural style set on the 1200 acre site of the Rollins Farm in Duluth, GA. The Sugarloaf Lounge, (often referred to by golfers as the Nineteenth Hole) was her starting point. It includes beautiful […]

The 19th Hole: Clubhouse Cabinetry Refinishing

We all know that using mirrors in a space has many benefits. They can add light, make a space feel larger and emphasize adjacent patterns, color or art. They give back exactly what is put in their view yielding a double exposure effect. That is why their placement requires thoughtful planning.         The Design Process:   Mirrors will also duplicate the effect […]

Double Exposure: Chinoiserie Botanicals in a Master Bath

Dining rooms are meant to welcome your guests with open arms. One element that creates this feeling is to give the impression that there is plenty of room for everyone. Designer, Debby Hall utilized “linear thinking” with horizontal stripes to develop the illusion that this space is larger than it appears.     The Design Process: There are few patterns as timeless and […]

Linear Thinking: Stripes Visually Expand a Dining Room

Nothing says comfort like your favorite pair of jeans. The older and more faded they get, the better they become. That is why shades of indigo are timeless on both the runway and in the home. This is the feeling that designer Nina Nash of Mathews Home + Design wanted to create in this guest bedroom . . . comfortable, […]

Faded by Love: A Guest Bedroom Remodel

Formal entertaining sometimes seems like a lost art. But for this client, it is alive and well. So when it came time to remodel, her goal was to keep her traditional furnishings but get an updated appearance. The Design Process: Over the years, she has collected beautiful china, crystal and silver pieces. They deserved to be surrounded by elegance. […]

Sterling Reputation: A Modern Traditional Dining Room

What defines luxury? In general, we think of a well-appointed lavish home that allows the owner to feel pampered or even spoiled. When referring to a master bath remodel, words such as sophisticated, oasis and spa-like also come to mind. But for this client, her definition of LUXURY included having something “unique, original and one-of-a-kind.”       The Design Process: Interior designer Andrea Teichner believes, […]

Luxury Defined: Stencil, Texture Transform Master Bath

Welcome to a look at one of the many thoughtful details in this modern, French-inspired home. Lila Adams, of Providence Luxury Homes, knows how to add the perfect touches. One of those opportunities was in this elegant powder room, where she wanted to incorporate pattern on the walls for a softer and more rustic appearance. […]

On a Grand Scale: Custom Stenciled Powder Room

“We need to envelope this room with a wall finish to soften the appearance. They need a subtle pattern. It must appear old but also have an updated feeling. I want to create an elegant dining experience.” This was the wish list of designer Andie Anderson when describing her vision for this dining room.   […]

Aging Gracefully: Dining Room Faux Finishes